Benefits & Forms

To access your Employer Contributions via internet, call the Local Office, ask for your pin and password and click button below:

TIC Benefits Link

TIC Lansing Michigan Fund
Office: 877-478-4542
Local Office: 847-680-0032
Fax: 847-680-0219

Benefit Forms & Trust SPD's for Pension, Health & Welfare & Supplemental Pension Information view and click link below. All disability forms must be obtained from the fund office. A signed original is required for a disability claim to be processed.

arrow Fringe Benefits Funds

Health & Welfare Links | New York Life
arrow Supplemental Pension Login
link Welldynerx Presciption Drug Program

Members Assitance Program | Employee Resource Systems, Inc.
For the Employee / Member Assistance Family Relationship, Substance Abuse, Psychological, Financial Budget, Job Performance, Legal Assistance
Phone 1-800-292-2780

link ERS Website
Username: ibew150 | Password: member

IBEW Local 150 Vacation Account & Access Information

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
(630) 225-4300
arrow ABOC Website

Fees with ABOC only: No monthly activity fee or minimum balance requirement. Dormant Account fee can be charged, if there is no activity for 1 year. The fee is $5.00 per month, if no contact is made by member directly to ABOC

Accessing the Funds: ATM`s - ABOC (Amalgamated Bank Of Chicago) will issue an ATM card, the member may access their account on a daily basis. Withdrawals are limited to $300.00 within a 24 hour period (Monday thru Friday, with Saturday and Sunday counting as one day). The card is an ATM only; it will not work as a debit card or point of sale.

To Receive Funds via a Check: Check In person at the Warrenville or the Chicago Downtown location. Check By Mail: needed info, Account number, Amount of Check, Card Holder's name, Local Number A bank check can be mailed to the member with a signature via email, via Fax @ (312)-541-6045 or US mail: Amalgamated Bank of Chicago 28600 Bella Vista Parkway Ste 1040 Warrenville, IL 60555. The bank will contact the customer to verify information on the account before mailing the check to the address on the account.

Wage Sheets
PDF Inside Wage Sheet 7/1/17-6/3/18
PDF VDV Wage Sheet 10/30/17-10/29/2018
PDF VDV Fire Alarm Wage 10/30/17-10/29/18
PDF Residential Wage Sheet 1/29/18 - 10/28/18
PDF Dues Payment Schedule


Please click on the Monthly Payroll Report that is required:
PDF Inside Monthly Payroll Report
PDF Residential Monthly Payroll Report
PDF VDV Monthly Payroll Report
PDF VDVNA Monthly Payroll Report


Important Notice

To: All Contributing Employers of the IBEW Local No. 150 Welfare Fund, IBEW Local No. 150 Pension Fund, IBEW Local No. 150 Supplemental Pension Fund, IBEW Local No. 150 Vacation Fund, and all other relevant contributions, dues, JATC, LMCC, etc

TIC International Corporation will be responsible for contribution processing on behalf of the IBEW Local No. 150 Welfare, Pension, Supplemental Pension and Vacation Funds.

Please send your contributions to the following address, no later than the 15th day of each month: *Please do not send to the Libertyville Office

By Regular Mail
IBEW Local 150
P.O. Box 574
Bedford Park , IL 60499

FED EX or Overnight
First Midwest Bank
Att. Local 150
3800 Rock Creek Blvd.
Joilet, IL 60431

If you would like to send your Monthly Payroll Reports (MPR's) electronically and send your payment via wire, please contact Brian Nowosacki (517)327-2146 at the TIC Administrative Office.

Contributions that continue to be sent directly to Local Union 150 will delay processing, possibly subject the contractor to Late Payment Assessments. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the Data Entry Department of the TIC Administration Office at (517) 321-7502.

PLEASE send in the required number of copies:

  • Local Union Benefits Office
  • NEBF
  • NECA (if a member)
  • Totals for all benefits